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As a result of the public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, Disability Law Queensland staff are working remotely and we are available via our usual telephone, email, website and social media contacts. Face-to-face appointments are by appointment only.

We thank everyone for their patience while we work together for the health and safety of our community.


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We believe in making your world a little better every day. Our legal services are tailored with inclusivity at the fore and our values are inherent at every level of the business. We take pride in serving a vulnerable community - with its unique concerns - and we prioritise your needs at every step.

Our initial consultation fee is $300 +GST.



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Paper model of house

Estate Planning may be more complicated than you think

Family of four sitting under tree.

NDIS and Capacity Building for Parents with a Disability

balanced scales, one side has money bag, other side has house and family

No Estate Plan is an Estate Plan

Small bird sitting on barb wire fence

People with disabilities in prison at higher risk of COVID-19


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