Training Workshops

We know that legal concepts can sometimes be frustrating to understand, so we offer speciaised Workshops around Queensland that explain different aspects of disability law in straightforward, jargon-free language.

We also provide a condensed version of these Workshops in a free online.


Online Training

Our two online training programs, Wills and Trusts and Decision Making, teach you how to use the law to legally safeguard a good life for your loved one ensuring the wonderful work you are doing now has outcomes that are sustained for a lifetime. 

Each email in the six-part training program is delivered to your inbox weekly and features a three minute video from Disability Law Queensland.

Wills & Trusts

Decision Making

Workshops for Service Providers

We are often contracted by Service Providers to deliver our Workshops for workers or for people and families they support.

Each of our 1 hour workshop provides an overview of planning for the future:

- Guardianship and Powers of Attorney -  vision-driven planning, decision-making

- Wills, Trusts and Special Disability Trusts.

These workshops are free for Service Providers, people with disability and families with disabilities to attend. To find out more about contracting one of our Workshops, contact us.

Public Workshops - Coming Soon

TBA - We are excited to release our new individual Workshops to the Public Soon !!

Online Workshops

Wills & Trusts Training

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Online Workshops

Decision Making

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