Practically, a will is a legal document that contains your instructions for the distribution of your wealth when you die, but in reality it can be so much more.

If created with vision, thought and care, a will can give your beneficiaries the tools they need to live out a rich and fulfilling life.

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One of the biggest worries for families with a family member with a disability is “What will happen when I am not around? Who will be here to look out for my son, daughter, sister, or brother?”

At DLQ, we help you alleviate that worry by assisting you to prepare a will that accounts for your loved one with a disability’s needs for their lifetime. 

We believe wills are most effective if you have done some work on developing your vision and plans for a good life for your loved one - a full life that includes secure and ongoing accommodation, support and financial resources as well as having things like a connection to community, friends, family, a valued role, hobbies, holidays, freedom and choice. 

If necessary, we also make sure your loved one’s assets are managed and protected in a way that minimises any impact on their pension and eligibility for public housing. 

We can also assist people with intellectual and cognitive impairments to have their will and enduring power of attorney prepared.

Our solicitors specialise in estate planning for clients with disability and their families and are well versed in the particular needs, worries and situations that may arise for you when drawing up a will.

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We recently used Disability Law Queensland to create our Wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys. Disability Law Queensland made the process as easy as possible for us by providing templates to complete and consider as well as organising  phone meetings so we didn’t need to journey to their office.  

Amee ensured we thought of everything, that we understood the documents and answered any questions we had. It was a pain free, well organised process.  We could not recommend them more.

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